We are committed to help each other, preserve intellectual discourse, personal and professional networking, give helping hands to those working hard to establish themselves and many more.We believe in truth, knowledge, fellowship, respect to elders and working together in the community. We need your participation to maintain our Jagannath Hall Alumni Association a success in UK.

Executive Committee 2016/17

President :Mr. Adhir Ranjan Das 
Vice President :Mr. Krishnadhan Saha & Mr. Monoj Talukder 
General Secretary :Mr. Tapan Saha 
Joint Secretary :Mr. Uttam Dey 
Treasurer :Mr. Ajit Saha 
Organising Secretary :Mr. Babu Majumder 
Jt. Organising Secretary :Mr. Shaymol Roy 
Cultural Secretary :Mr. Sanjoy Ghosh 
Publicity Secretary :Mr. Amitabha Sikder 
Jt. Publicity Secretary :Mr. Sushanta K Bala 
Social Welfare Secretary :Mr. Kamol Saha 
Jt. Social Welfare Secretary :Mr. Milton Saha 
Fundraising Secretary :Mr. Kamalesh Halder 
Jt. Fundraising Secretary :Mr. Shaymol Modak 

Executive Members 2016/17

Mr. Dhiren Halder 
Mr. Dhiren Basu 
Mr. Gour Sadhan Dutta 
Mr. Rakhal Saha 
Mr. Samir Das 
Mr. Mihir Sarkar 
Mr. Ratan Das 
Mr. Nikhil Saha