JHAA UK became a charity organization in 2013 and made several contributions to social work: like funding local employees of Jagannath Hall to celebrate Durga Puja, putting donations to the victims during the General Election riots in Bangladesh. JHAA Alumni Trust donated £3,000 to help the panic-stricken Hindu victims of Manirampur, Jessore in 2014. Some members helped newly-arrived students to the UK at their personal capacities. JHAA UK also extended medical support to a former student of Dhaka University for his sister’s treatment. In the future, we want to continue extending our humanitarian support to a wider range of audience for community welfare.
JHAA UK continued to foster strong relationships among its members, not just within Bangladesh but at a global scale. The members of JHAA are increasing every day. We have members from Bangladesh, India and the greater Europe to make our standing as a robust community. Occasionally, we arrange barbeques, day-trips, social get-togethers and celebrate various events like Christmas and New Year, Bengali New Year and Gonesh Puja to engrave cultural heritage into our association. I have attended the JHAA Reunion in Dhaka on 1 January 2016 followed by that in Kolkata. As a life member of JHAA of Dhaka and Kolkata, I am proud to represent this diverse community at such an international platform.
We always try to engage children of our alumni members to participate in extra curriculum activities like drawings, writing poems & essays, etc. which can be published yearly and that would definitely help to bring forth their hidden creativity. In future, we are also thinking of adding some Special features like Alumni Spotlight (highlighting members of the JHAA UK family); Alumni success stories; Alumni Business Directory and Business Corner (featuring alumni entrepreneurs), etc.

JHAA UK also organize Yoga and meditation class started from Thursday, 21 November 2019 . The Classes is conducted by Mrs Palavii Patel , Happiness Coach ,  Regional Coordinator , Art of Living Education UK Ltd one of the largest Yoga and Meditation institution in the UK and whole world. This is free classes and the costs will be bear by JHAA UK funded by National Lottery.